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Anika Spa Kuta

Ngurah Rai Airport Spa - The best spa in Bali. Most comfortable and luxurious place for ayurveda packages, stone massage, chocolate treatment to refresh your body and soul.

Inspired by the beauty of Bali's natural environs, Anika Spa presents a natural relaxation and treatment assortment for health and beauty. Spa guests experience treatments from head to toe, and find it a perfect way to indulge in holiday pleasure, reviving, energizing, refreshing and pampering their way into a brighter complexion.

Anika Spa offers a complete range of body treatments for stress reduction and restoring health and beauty, and is a total retreat in the name of wellbeing. Anika Spa is dedicated to travellers, busy professionals or couples who seek a retreat where they can rejuvenate both body and soul.

Free transport is available within the Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua areas, adding to the value offered to its guests. Treatments range from the traditional massage options, comprised of a full body massage using aromatherapy oil and combining the acupressure and stretching techniques of Balinese style, and will provide a sense of serenity and wellbeing and will improve blood circulation. Aromatherapy reduces stress and alleviates the body of toxin build-ups.

Popular Uses Aromatherapy

* Basil is used in perfumery for its clear, sweet and mildly spicy aroma. In aromatherapy, it is used for sharpening concentration, for its uplifting effect on depression, and to relieve headaches and migraines. Basil oil has many chemotypes and some are known to be emmenagogues and should be avoided during pregnancy.
* Bergamot is one of the most popular oils in perfumery. It is an excellent insect repellent and may be helpful for both the urinary tract and for the digestive tract. It is useful for skin conditions linked to stress, such as cold sores and chicken pox, especially when combined with eucalyptus oil. Bergamot is a flavoring agent in Earl Grey tea. But cold-pressed Bergamot oil contains bergaptene, a strong photosensitizer when applied to the skin, so only distilled or 'bergaptene-free' types can be topically used.
* Black pepper has a sharp and spicy aroma. Common uses include stimulating the circulation and for muscular aches and pains. Skin application is useful for bruises, since it stimulates the circulation.
* Citronella oil, obtained from a relative of lemongrass, is used as an insect repellant and in perfumery.
* Clove oil is a topical analgesic, especially useful in dentistry. It is also used an antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, and antiemetic.
* Eucalyptus oil is often used in combination with peppermint to provide relief for the airways in case of cold or flu.
* Geranium oil is used as an astringent, antiseptic and diuretic.
* Jasmine is used as an aphrodisiac.
* Lavender oil is used as an antiseptic, to soothe minor cuts and burns, to calm and
relax, and to soothe headaches and migraines.
* Lemon oil is uplifting and anti-stress/anti-depressant. In a Japanese study, lemon essential oil in vapour form has been found to reduce stress in mice.
* Lemon oil - Researchers at Ohio State University reveals that Lemon oil aroma may enhance your mood, and may relax you.
* Rose is used as an aphrodisiac
* Sandalwood oil is used as an aphrodisiac
* Tea tree oil and many other essential oils have topical (external) antimicrobial (i.e. antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, or antiparasitic) activity and are used as antiseptics and disinfectants.
* Yarrow oil is used to reduce joint inflammation and relieve cold and influenza symptoms.
* Ylang-ylang oil is used as an aphrodisiac


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Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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09:00 - 21:00

Off Day

Silent Day ( Nyepi Day )

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