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We are all so busy; we have work commitments, family commitments and social activities. There is just no time you constantly feel over committed. Sometimes getting away just becomes another juggling act.

Aroma Spa Retreat has developed a retreat programme that is totally focused on pampering you and it is totally flexible. You can join us as an individual or as a group. You are not bound by dates; you are bound by your availability. We will tailor the programme to suit you and your timing. Our retreats are available when you are available.

This is not a boot camp, this is time out that allows you to stop rejuvenation and renew. It is about Wellness not fitness. The treatments and activities are scheduled to give your body the best opportunity for relaxation, rejuvenation and revitalisation. The Retreat offers the best environment and activities to boost your energy and vitality, whilst achieving a very deep level of relaxation and happiness.

Join us and reconnect your mind and body and rediscover the joy of life.

et the Aroma Spa Retreat staff nurture and protect you.

Recent participants in a weekend retreat Melina from Perth said

 “I recently attended a two day retreat at Aroma Spa and can only think of two words that would describe it "Pure Heaven" from the moment I arrived I was looked after by Delma and her staff who were so friendly and professional. I would recommend Aroma Spa to everyone who wants to experience what its like to be in heaven on earth.”

Melina Perth
 “This retreat gave me the opportunity to really relax and release. I came away refreshed and with a new enthusiasm for my life. I will be back and I will be recommending, it was an experience that has changed me thank you so much”

Helen Melbourne
The programme has many elements that can be integrated in a number of ways depending on what you want to achieve at your Retreat. The cost is all inclusive except for the evening meal which we can organise for you. All you have to do is arrive.


The Aroma Spa Retreat has developed an intense and graduated programme of treatments that will build on each other to completely revitalise and energise you. Our team of highly skilled spa therapists will work with your body to renew and revitalise the body’s natural elimination and adrenal systems.

This is a unique integrated programme and is not offered anywhere else. It is a comprehensive approach to wellbeing, health and rejuvenation. Each of the disciplines are seamlessly combined to give you a completely holistic approach to renewal.

Soul Blessing
The Balinese are very spiritual people Bali is often referred to as the Island of the Gods and the people are very religious and spiritual. Aroma Spa Retreat includes a traditional Soul Blessing in the retreat programme.
Alit, a Brahmana Holy Priest will conduct a Soul blessing for all retreat participants. Soul Blessing provides purification for the body and mind.

Starting with techniques of concentration, breath control and basic meditation the Soul Blessing takes participants on a journey to clear their body of negative energy and open the body to universal energy to promote love and happiness.
Finally Alit will engage in a Balinese ceremony which is believed to charge the body with positive energy and raise the energy levels in the body.

Bayu Suci (Balinese Tai chi)
On our retreat you will practice Bayu Suci. Bayu  means power, suci holly (nature), so bayu suci is a set of spiritual exercises. It combines Balinese dance and exercises technique to promote total well being.

It has been proved that regular practice of bayu suci relaxes and de stresses the muscles and nervous system, boosts metabolism and enhances the power of the immune system.

Bayu suci involves following as series of slow movements. Our instructor will teach you the exercises. These movements help balance the flow of energy (chi) within the body. In Bali it is best to practice Bayu Suci outdoors, especially on the beach, as it is believed the movements help the body absorb the energy emitted by universal.


Yoga means “union” Harmonising the mind, body and soul through exercise and breathing. When you are in a relaxed state, the oxygen level in your blood stream is higher and the body is balance.

Through different controlled movements you stretch, bend and twist which makes you breathe more deeply, energize the body, release nerves and expand your muscles.

The Yoga of the retreat is a very gentle passive form which calms the mind and nervous system. Experienced Yoga practitioners can take part in a more dynamic form each individuals programme will be worked out with the participant.

Our instructor will be able to advise you on different moves and techniques to easily practice at home after you return from Bali.


You will be staying in beautiful 4 star private villa or individual rooms with in a boutique complex. You can share with a friend (twin) or you can have your own room (single) all rooms are luxuriously appointed with their own bathroom facilities. There is a common area with a pool and beautiful gardens. LUXURY.

ACTIVITIES ( 3 or more day retreats only)
The longer Retreats have activities that are designed just for the sheer pleasure of the experience. A Mohito and Salsa Dancing with trained instructors who will show you the joy of the dance no matter your level of ability at Havana’s Restaurant in Ubud.

High tea all those wonderful small cakes and pastries and tarot card reading at Biku in Seminyak and of cause some free time to wander the shops and lose yourself. Again these activities are Individual and depending on the desires of the participants we can offer a range of alternatives.

Airport transfers to and from Sanur
Luxury Accommodation
Breakfast – 2 course
Lunch – 2 course organic feast
Bayu Suci (Bali Tia Chi) Sessions each morning
Stretching and Mantra
Natural Facial
Daily 1.5 hour massages
1.5 hours foot reflexology
1 hour hand and shoulder reflexology
Fresh Grated Coconut body scrub
Traditional Banana Wrap
Traditional Balinese Soul Blessing
Guided Meditation
Mani and Pedicure
Traditional Indonesian Crème Bath or Hair Ritual
Non invasive colonic massage and cellulite treatment
Daily Fresh juice and rehydrating fresh young coconut breaks


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