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Culture Program

PRICE 96.00 USD · Disc 20 % · 120.00 USD

The commemoration taking a picture that chooses Bali clothes of the favorite like the wedding and the aristocrat style of the raja, etc. makes memories of Bali more vivid. Moreover, the costume abundantly ethnically collects even the wild one about other islands not only Balinese but also in Indonesia.  It must package in another the following and the content of the set different, and the demand must inquire for one externals etc.

Package for couple    
time for about 2 hours. The print is about 1 day
The delivery to the hotel is also possible

Content of set
6R x 2 pcs
4R x 2 pcs

Artistic package - US$ 120
Only here in Bali. .retro of photos in the 1930' truly finished up. It makes it more attractive to a sepia photograph by the hand work. (for couple) 

Sepia package - US$ 90
Set of photograph of sepia tone that doesn't make it more attractive.finish like a queen.

Colour Package - US$ 80
Set of usual colour picture.
Please as a souvenir of Bali that remains the friend, the family, and a couple in commemoration.

Culture Program

Duration : 120 Minutes · Minimal Pax : 1

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