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Chakra Treatment with Gamelan Ball Healing

PRICE 1,593,000.00 IDR · Disc 10 % · 1,770,000.00 IDR

 Chakra Treatment
Activate the 7 Chakra that govern the flow of mind and energy.
Spiritual treatment utilizing traditional Hindu medicine. Stone massage, chakra treatment using seven Power Stones, and the mystical Gamelan Ball are said to have the effect of stabilizing brain waves. Shirodhara will ease your tense and lull you into a state of deeply relaxed and harmonious bliss.

Treatment Menu
Detox Massage 60 mins
Stone Massage (Chakra Treatment & Gamelan Ball Healing)
Piper Betle Detox Flower Bath 30 mins
Aromatherapy Facial 60 mins

(Please choose from the following treatment)
Facial Treatment Option 
1. HF Anti Aging
2. Whitening Sonic
Treatment Option 45 mins
1. Shirodhara (Shirodhara 30 mins, Neck & Shoulder Massage 15 mins)
2. Foot Massage 30 mins + Shoulder Massage 15 mins
** You can choose the treatment at the salon on your visit.
Creambath 60 mins

What is Sirih Detox Flower Bath?
Betel plants is called 'Sirih' in Indonesian, which is popular JAMU or herb medicine in Indonesia. Sirih or Betel is highly effective herb for anti-bacteria and deodorizing. It is a great way to enjoy herb bath.

What is Gamelan Ball?
In Bali people believe that mother nature is serene, and gods represent every natural element. Round shape of Gamelan Ball represents 'moon', and the sound activates alpha wave in brain system which delivering B-endorphin hormone. Sound or Gamelan balls calm our mind and bring us deep relaxation.

What is Chakra treatment?
Chakra treatment is detoxification whole body, placing crystals which presenting each Chakra on seven specific chakra points of your body.

What is Whitening Ultra Sonic Proerror?
Ultra sonic wave approaches skin cell, improving blood circulation and metabolism. It also stimulates collagen to supple your skin, improving reactive oxygen to combat melanin pigment for your skin.

What is HF Anti-aging?
This special facial using 'High Frequency wave' to removes dead skin cell and toxin from your skin to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It will leave your skin healthy and radiant, great way for anti-aging care.

Includes Meal + Fresh Juice

Chakra Treatment with Gamelan Ball Healing

Duration : 300 Minutes · Minimal Pax : 1

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