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Course A : The Medetation Half

PRICE 999,000.00 IDR · Disc 10 % · 1,110,000.00 IDR

Meditation by efficacy
A. To release mental fatigue or insomnia
B. To improve body circulation
C. To release stress and tension
You can choose the treatment at the salon on your visit

Treatment Menu
Body massage (*1) 60 min
Spa Buffet (*2) 30 min
Piper Betle Detox Flower Bath 30 mins
Shirodhara 30 mins
Creambath 60 mins

Spa Buffet Option
1. Half Facial (Cleansing, Massage, and Face Pack only)
2. Foot Reflexology
3. Neck & Shoulder

What is Sirih Detox Flower Bath?
Betel plants is called 'Sirih' in Indonesian, which is popular JAMU or herb medicine in Indonesia. Sirih or Betel is highly effective herb for anti-bacteria and deodorizing. It is a great way to enjoy herb bath.

Course A : The Medetation Half

Duration : 210 Minutes · Minimal Pax : 1

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