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The Chakra Treatment at VIP Room

PRICE 156.60 USD · Disc 10 % · 174.00 USD

4.5 hours + 30 min (flower bath) + 60 min at VIP room relaxation, 
Activate 7 Chakra, the body’s energy point or ‘Chi’

This exotic treatment brings you a unique spiritual moment. Enjoy blissful exotic stone massage follow by chakra treatment using seven precious gemstones and mystique Shiro Dhara will ease your tense and lull you into a state of deeply relaxed and harmonious bliss.
Menu detail

- Detox Massage 60 min
- Stone Massage (with Chakra treatment) 45 min
- Choice of bath from Thalasso Flower Bath, Wine Bath or Detox Herb Bath 30 min
- Refreshing break time (enjoy meal or refreshment) 30 min
- ‘TAMBA’ VIP Thalasso Therapy Facial 60 min

* Ultra sound cleansing, exfoliation, massage and jamu pressure point massage Thalasso face mask, follow by HF anti-aging or Whitening Sonic Proerror, and moisturizing cream to supple your skin
- Shiro Dhara treatment 45 min (Shiro Dhara 30 min + Neck & Shoulder Massage 15 min) or (Foot Massage 30 min + Shoulder Massage 15 min)
- Thalasso Creambath 60 min
- Refreshing break time (Enjoy meal or shower time. Bath tub is not available.) 30 min

This package is including following benefit for VIP room use. Your choice of bath time (Thalasso flower bath, Wine bubble Jacuzzi or Detox herb bath), Shower room, Meal, Beverage and Dessert.

You will enjoy gorgeous and blissful extra 60 min relaxing time at our VIP room.

The Chakra Treatment at VIP Room

Duration : 6 Hours · Minimal Pax : 1

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