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The Meditation

PRICE 139.50 USD · Disc 10 % · 155.00 USD

4 hours +  45 min + 30 min(flower bath), 
Special program, Ideal treatment for stress buster

This special program is especially designed for releasing mental fatigue or stress relieve. Begins with Abiyanga full body massage, then, melt your tense with hot stone massage follow by jamu healing body scrub of Balinese secret remedy and Thalasso flower bath to supple your skin. Your body will be pampered head to toe with our Facial Stone Massage, Shiro Dhara and Creambath to feel heavenly indulgence.
Menu detail

- Abiyanga Massage 60 min
- Hot Stone Massage 30 min
- Jamu Body Scrub 30 min
- Thalasso Flower Bath 30 min
- Refreshing Break (with fresh juice)
- ‘TAMBA’ Thalasso Aromatherapy Facial Stone Massage 60 min

This facial stone massage improve blood circulation with stimulating lymph system and blood circulation, effective for tone your skin and face lifting. Begins with skin cleansing, exfoliation, stone massage, jamu pressure point massage, face mask and moisturizing cream
Shiro Dhara treatment 45 min or combination treatment 45 min (Foot massage 30 min + Shoulder Massage 15 min)
Thalasso Creambath 60 min
Indonesian healthy meal + fresh juice

The Meditation

Duration : 5,5 Hours · Minimal Pax : 1

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The Meditation

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4 hours +  45 min + 30 min(flower bath), Special program, Ideal treatment for stress buste...

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