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Ayurveda Package For 2

PRICE 170.00 USD

A delightful ayurvedic journey included : 

- 75 minutes Balinese Abhyanga Massage
- 40 minutes  Balinese Lulur (deep soft exfoliation) OR Boreh (warm healing pack)
- 20 minutes  Milk Herbal Bath
- 30 minutes  Indian Head and Shoulder Massage
- 30 minutes Shirodhara (warm oil poured on forehead)
- 60 minutes Hair Cream Bath
- 45 minutes Lymphatic Drainage Facial
Indonesian meal (fish or chicken or vegetarian), table water, tea, Bali coffee

Have your included meal at our restaurant on site OR our beachfront restaurant at Jimbaran Bay (free transfers to restaurant and home to hotel), decide upon arrival

Price incl tax and transportation, no additional cost

Abhyanga massage uses less pressure than Balinese massage, and the oil used for contains sesame as carrier. The massage softens and moisturizes the skin, decreases the effects of aging, supports good vision, nourishes the body, increases longevity and increases self-awareness of areas of tension by enhancing the mind/body connection.

Balinese Lulur is a spice exfoliation and polishing process and has been practised in the palaces of Bali and Java since centuries. Turmeric, rice, clove and galangan is used for, its an aromatic experience and lovely for all skins.

Balinese Boreh is a healing pack originated by Balinese rice farmers, made from a combination of roots, herbs and spices. We apply Boreh all over your body avoiding sensitive areas, and then wrap your body with cloth to keep the paste in contact with your skin. The sensation is of deep penetrating heat that melts away your tension, increases blood circulation, relieves aching joints and sore muscles and headaches.

Indian Head and Shoulder Massage is an Ayurvedic massage therapy in which the upper-back, arms, head, neck and face are massaged using a range of massage techniques. The goal is to clear blocks in the meridians (energy channels) that cause a build-up of negative energy that are purported to cause ailments.

Shirodhara: warm oil poured gently on the forehead to balance the mind and nervous system. The oil streams down the “crown chakra” which magnifies the senses. Reducing stress and enhancing immunity as well as to improve health and vitality.

Hair Cream Bath treatment starts with shampooing, then application of the vital nutrition cream by using a great technique of massage starting from head, neck and shoulder that can improve and normalize blood and lymph circulation and is nourishing the roots of the hair. It's really balancing, reducing stress, releasing tension and pain.

Lymphatic drainage facial uses gentle rhythmic pumping techniques to stimulate the lymphatic vessels that removes waste products. It is beneficial for stimulating the immune system, detox, protecting from infection, improve metabolism and fluid elimination. 

Ayurveda Package For 2

Duration : 5 Hours · Minimal Pax : 2

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