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Coffee Cellulite Removal

PRICE 103.50 USD · Disc 10 % · 115.00 USD

To remove cellulites and help skin appears smoother and tighter.
A concentrated cellulite scrub that breaks down accumulated toxins and aids in treatment of cellulite and fluid retention. It contains mangosteen and coffee with rich anti-oxidant to reactivate microcirculation and to support metabolism. Mangosteen works to strengthen blood vessels whilst coffee helps to firm and tighten the skin.

Zen Bali Ritual 10 min
Coffee Anti Cellulite  Scrub 40 min
Anti Cellulite Massage 90 min
Mangosteen Anti Cellulite  Toning Cream 10 min
Zen Detox Tea

Coffee  Cellulite Removal

Duration : 2,5 Hour · Minimal Pax : 1

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