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Zen Deep Relaxer

PRICE 125.10 USD · Disc 10 % · 139.00 USD

To re-energize, rebalance and revitalize the senses
True energy healing a deep and pure relaxation stage through surrendering your mind and body. Thus, your energy will be fully recharged. Throughout your Zen Shirodhara experiences, some miracle drops of warm coconut oil on your third eye will awaken your mind. Then it is followed by coconut hair treatment, massage and mangosteen facial that will keep you feeling revitalized, re-energize, rebalance and rejuvenated.

Zen Bali ritual 10 min
Zen Shirodhara 45 min
Zen Healing Massage 60 min
Coconut Hair Therapy 45 min
Mangosteen ‘Youthful & Glowing’ Facial 50 min
Zen Tea-Ginger Honey

Zen Deep Relaxer

Duration : 3,5 Hours · Minimal Pax : 1

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