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Amazing body care

PRICE 1,250,000.00 IDR

A full body exfoliation prepares the skin for the application of a granular herbal paste. The body is then carefully covered to dilate the pores and absorb the nutrients of the product and this treatment is very relaxing, while detoxifying and removing dead cells will leaving your skin smooth and polishing. It includes:

Nature senses sea salt foot bath
Traditional Balinese body massage
Herbal fruity exfoliating body scrub or body wrap
Conditioner skin balancing with body milk
Reviving herbal tea
Choices of the followings body elements scrubs:

Green tea body scrub
Strawberry body scrub
Mango body scrub
Orange body scrub
Chocolate body scrub
Young coconut body  glow scrub
Avocado body scrub
Aromatic Sea salt body scrub
Honey black coffee body scrub
Choices of the followings body elements wraps:

Volcanic mud body wrap / polish
Papaya enzyme body polish
Cucumber wrap for sunburn skin
Marine Seaweed body wrap
Natural Balinese body boreh
Bangkuang (licorice) whitening body wrap
Black current body wrap
Aloe and Lavender body wrap
Javanese nature body wrap


Amazing body care

Duration : 1,5 Hours · Minimal Pax : 1

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