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The Nature Fruity Senses Spa Treatment

PRICE 1,700,000.00 IDR

A Nourish your body skin, mind and soul lets you experience a total escape with an exotic tropical spa setting, either a wide selection of refreshing or nourishing treatment recipes based on the healing power of natural botanical heritage. It includes:

Aromatic senses sea salt flower foot bath
Aromatherapy body massage technique
Herbal Fruity exfoliating body scrub
Skin balancing with nature body milk
Season nature herbal body milk bath
Reviving fruity juice

Choices of Fruity Senses:
The Strawberry Spa Treatment
The Mango Spa Treatment
Tropical Coconut Spa Treatment
The Orange Spa Treatment
Black Current Spa Treatment
Chocolate Spa Treatment
Exotic Green Tea Spa Treatment
Lavender & Rose milk Spa Treatment
Aromatic senses sea salt body Spa Treatment
The Natural Herbal Spa Treatment 

The Nature Fruity Senses Spa Treatment

Duration : 2,5 Hour · Minimal Pax : 1

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