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Tri Hita Bali Spa Sukawati

Since its inception 2013, Tri Hita has always excelled in exceeding the expectation of an ever growing number of spa-goers. The secret lies in its core beliefs, which are embedded in its very name – Tri Hita. Derived from the Balinese culture and values, “Tri” means “three” and “Hita” means “well-being”. What does this mean? This simply means that there are 3 reasons for complete well-being, or harmony in life. They are well-being with God, with our environment and with one another. This principle of “Tri Hita” embodies every aspect of life on the island of Bali, because it leads to peaceful and happy harmony for mankind, the environment and the Creator.

In Tri Hita Spa, we believe that we could help creating harmony and well-being in aspect of greater harmony, namely you. . Your mind, souland energy are being utilized more strenuously in this fast-paced life. You need to rejuvenate these elementsto be balanced in life. All the 15 skillful massage therapists at Tri Hita Spa take pride in making sure your body and energy are fully recharged so you will feel rejuvenated after each session of the spa package you choose.

Tri Hita Spa is nested strategically in the town on Gianyar, a well-preserved town that is endowed with rich natural, cultural and traditional beauty. Its complete address is: Jl. Raya Celuk No.10, Batubulan, Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582, Indonesia.

We are focused and have always been committed to enhancing the well-being of our guests. For us, you are a member of our family, the one that we are delighted to be in harmony with. We believe that if we can help you to re-balance and re-charge your energy and body, you will be able to make harmony with your environment and the Creator. Then Tri Hita would be perfectly and harmoniously achieved.

In essence, your well-being is our passion. And we are happy to do just so!

We are not followers. Our founder is a woman with an international background in finding and developing the best service one could ever expect in the area of hospitality. She channeled her expertise and resources into designing well-thought-out treatments that offer real and tangible experiences for our guest. This is achieved by not only having a well-designed spa with a good operational flow, but also by having the right people at the right place with the right training.

We are convinced that you will find any of our 11 individually designed spa rooms completely relaxing. Every room is designed to accommodate the spa service of your choice alone or, together with your loved ones if you so choose.. The spaces are asanctuary from stress and electronic devices. No doubt, you would forget about time and the anxieties of the world.

Tri Hita Spa is well-established, yet we are eager to always do better and to achieve a higher level of service, by:

Upgrading our skills and learning new spa techniques and products. Improving quality of life through physical and mental rejuvenation. Perfecting treatments, designed to satisfy the whole body. Providing top quality service in a full service Day Spa at a fair price.

Our goal is to provide a Balinese hospitality spa experience for each and every guest of ours. Tri Hita Spa is truly a place where beauty, comfort, love and personalized attention are harmoniously combined to create a peaceful atmosphere for your mind, soul and body. By focusing on health and wellness through the use of environmentally friendly products, we are confident that each of our spa packages can bring you happiness and well-being.

Because we truly believe in our philosophy and we take pride in all we do at Tri Hita Spa every day, we are convinced you would truly enjoy your well-spent time with us. You have our word that we daily strive to achieve the following goals:

To create a totally memorable and rejuvenating spa experience.
To build enduring and rewarding relationships with our clients and local community.
To provide spa services by highly trained staff in the field of massage therapy, bodycare and skincare.
To exceed the expectations of our individual, group and corporate clientele with hands-on professional service.
The Tri Hita Spa brings together the best of Balinese traditional culture, hospitality, staff and massage to create an elevated spa experience that’s hard to forget

You will feel all kinds of wonderful after a Balinese massage: relaxed, refreshed, re-energised. The boost to your circulation will help reduce stress and rebalance your body.

The Balinese massage is the perfect treatment to regain harmony between body and mind. Select and book your spa retreat package and enjoy a reviving Balinese massage.

Looking for the ultimate spa retreat packages? Tri Hita Spa offers a range of holistic wellness retreat packages such as relaxation, rejuvenation, purification, health, slimming and stress release.

Balinese Offering
This lesson is making the offering that is a part of daily Balinese activities particular for the Balinese woman. The unique form from the ornament and it is made from the young coconut leaf.

Balinese Costume
Balinese Costume Photo is an exclusive photo taking by dressing up and wears the beautiful Balinese traditional costume and make up as beautiful as a Balinese people. You will fill like real a Balinese.

Balinese Cooking
An Original Balinese Cooking Class offers you an opportunity to learn how to cook real Balinese Traditional Cake with local ingredient, with skilled and friendly.


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Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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09:00 - 21:00

Off Day

Silent Day ( Nyepi Day )

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